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Corporate Overview
Microsite Integration Microsite Code Generator
1. Create a new page
Begin by creating a new page on your website. This page should have your own website look and feel (header, footer, etc.), but no content in the body.

2. Generate your code
To start displaying StoneFly content and products on your website, first fill out a web form on the right to have your unique microsite code generated for you.

3. Place code on your page
When form is submitted, the system will generate and display your microsite code. Copy it and paste it inside the HTML code of a new page on your website that you have created.

4. You are done!
Once the code is on your web page, StoneFly products will appear on your website automatically.
StoneFly now offers its resellers the technology to display StoneFly products on resellers' websites. By placing a single line of generated HTML code on your web page(s) you will be able to show your users all the latest and greatest StoneFly products that you carry.
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